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How to Sail the Pacific

Sailing trips take hard work and planning, but they can be life changing events. It may seem like just a dream to sail the Pacific Ocean, but lots of people have made it a reality and consider it to be of the best things they have ever done. Before you even think about sailing the Pacific, you should be a confident sailor with experience and the ability to handle a variety of basic repairs on your vessel. There are lots of details to plan, including routes, provisions, equipment, and safety.
Having quality sailing gear is essential to traveling the Pacific Ocean safely and comfortably. You will need a small backup motor for times when the wind is not cooperative. You should have a dinghy as well for traveling to and from the mainland. There are lots of options for motors, dinghies, sails, and other essential equipment.
When traveling great expanses of open water, you need to know that you will have enough provisions to make it to the next port. In the Pacific Ocean, there are many islands known for their good prices and extensive stock of important commodities. For example, there are many government subsidized foods available at excellent prices in French Polynesia that you will not be able to find anywhere else in the Pacific islands, including powdered milk, European pasta, and canned butter. Pago Pago is known for carrying many American products. The Cook Islands and Rarotonga are also good ports for provisions.
It can be difficult to stay out on the water for extended periods of time and you must consider your health. While sailing the Pacific, you are sure to be swimming and fishing a lot, and you should always wear a quality wet suit. Even warm water can feel cold after you have spent a long time in it. Mildew also tends to become a problem, so be sure to waterproof laptops and other electronic equipment to protect them.

Sailing Safety